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Allegro SnapBuyer is a rapid search App - unleash your buying rampage!

Never have time for doing a proper shopping? Always busy, constrained by your job or high paced life? Now it should be not a problem for a swift and successful shopping.

We will throw at your face random items and you decide with the swipe of your finger, what's worth your hard earned cash and what's not.

Try it today! Allegro SnapBuyer will revolutionize how you think about shopping.

Pics Finder

Yet another way to find pictures

With Pics Finder you can search for photos in a vast library provided by Yahoo. Just type tags to start a search query.

Taping new keywords brings you new pictures. The list limit is 20 results per query. In preview view, you can see the photo details and save desired pictures to your library.

Breeze Drops Catch it or .. listen to waterfall

Stop the time, to enjoy the moment. It feels indeed relieving to hear the voice of nature, the voice of simple water flow

In this game you shut down your senses to catch drops. Just point your finger on a bucket, react and experience the flow.

Survival game

Lead Don to find a way out

Meet Don. Unlikely other game characters Don is realizing he is locked in a game and will do his best to get out. He will use any means to do that. Maybe it does not appear like it, but things will soon get pretty messed up.